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Become a GoNeed Traffic Partner (Publisher) and begin generating revenue by adding a Web search utility to your site.


Comprehensive Search Results:- Quality, relevant search results from GoNeed's database and top search engines.


Increased Revenue:- Get the highest bids from our select advertisers and top search engines to help you achieve your maximum revenue potential, earn up to 70% of all the revenue generated by your searches, highest revenue sharing rates in the industry.


Prompt Payment:- Get paid within 30-45 days of the close of every month, not 60-120 days like some other PPC search engines.


          Advantages of GoNeed's Traffic Partner Program:

  • No programming experience is required for successful content integration

  • Several implementation options allow to customized pages that match a site's existing look and feel

  • Ability to enhance existing content

  • Keep users returning to a site and keep them there longer

  • 24 hours live detailed reports allow Partners to learn more about users and track progress

  • Easy account management

  • Revenue earned for click activity

  • highest revenue sharing rates in the industry

  • Fast loading pay per click (PPC) xml feeds for search engines

  • Timely payouts based on Net30-Net45 (Depend on Partnership)

  • Sign up is quick and free

Apply Now to become a GoNeed Traffic Partner.


To ensure quality traffic and lead generation for our advertisers, to be eligible for this program, your site should:

  • Consist mainly of US, Canada or EU traffic

  • Receive a minimum of 100,000 hits per month (or can generate 20,000+ Clicks for our listings)

  • No incentivize search-based clicks

  • Incorporate filters that prevent fraudulent activity

If you are interested in becoming a GoNeed Traffic Partner (Publisher), please read our Partners Terms before signup!